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Privacy policy

I. General information

1. The operator of service is subject which data are mentioned in part of the website called ‘Contact’.

2. The function of service is acquiring information about user and his behavior in a following way:

a)  by voluntary filling data-entry form

b)  by recording in final devices cookies plugin

c)   by cumulating logs of www server

II. Information in forms

1. Service is cumulating information voluntarily entered by the User.

2. Service can also record  information about parameters of connection (time, IP address).

3. Data in form is not available to third-party in other way, than after User's permission.

4. Data in form can be the collection of potential clients, which is  under restriction of Act form the 29th of the August, 1997, concerning  protection of personal data and obligation of registration by operator of the service in register of General Inspector of Personal Data Protection.  

5. Data in form are processed in a situation of giving back information to client’s question or for business contact.  

III. Information about cookies plugin

1. Service uses cookies plugin.

2. Cookies plugin is informing data, especially text files which are recorded in a finishing devices of Users Service and used for service website. Mostly cookies contain name of the website, from which they are, time of keeping and unique number.

3. The subject placing cookies plugin that has access to plugin, is service operator.

4. Cookies plugin is used in following reasons:

a) making statistics, which help to understand, how service is used, describe profile to improve structure and contents, especially Google browser,

b) maintaining Users session (after log in), so he didn’t have to go through this process on every part of the website.

5. There are two types of cookies plugin: ‘session cookies’ and ‘persistent cookies’. Session cookies are temporary files which are stored in final service, until the User loges out or leaves the website or browser. Persistent cookies are stored in final service of the User for period of time specified in cookies parameters or until User removes them.

6. Programing of the website browsing mostly allows to store cookies in final devices. Service Users can make changes in this area. It is also possible to block cookies plugin - all details are described in help or browser documentation.

7. Restrictions of using cookies plugin can effect some functionality on service website.

8. Cookies in the final device of Service User can be also used by partners and advertiser collaborating with the service.

9. It is recommended to read files of policy about data protection of those companies, to see how it is used in statistics: Policy of privacy protection Google Analytics.

10. Cookies plugin can be used for advertisement, especially for Google web, adjusted to the way that service is used. For this reason, it can save information about navigation path of the User or time of staying on the website pages.

11. The User can browse and edit information resulted by cookies plugin on https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/

IV. Server login

1. Information about some behaviors of the User are logged on server. Those data are used only for administration reasons and to assure efficient service of the hosting.

2. Resources are identified by URL address. Other parts, which can be recorded:

a) time when question came

b) time when question was sent

c) name of client’s station – identified by protocol HTTP

d) information about  mistakes during HTTP transactions

e) URL address of the website previously visited by User (referer link) – in a situation when moving to Service was caused by link

f) information about the browser

g) information about IP address.

3. Above data are not associated with any person, who browses the website

4. Above data are used only for administration reasons.

V. Making data available

1. Data can be made available only in situations allowed by law

2. Data allowing identification of the person can be made available only after receiving permission form the person.

3. Operator can have obligation to give information from the Service to some organs, only if law allows for that.

VI. Using cookies plugin - how practically give and give back the permission

1. If the User doesn’t want to receive cookies plugin, he can change browser adjustment. Turning off cookies plugin may cause some difficulties or make impossible to use the website.

2. To adjust cookies plugin, you need to choose one browser from the list and proceed according to instructions:

a) Internet Explorer

b) Chrome

c) Safari

d) Firefox

e) Opera

f)  Android

g) Safari (iOS)

h) Windows Phone

i)  Blackberry

3. Lack of changes in the system used to browse all pages of the website, comprises  art. 173 act 2 Act of telecommunication law to allow use by the website cookies plugin in above reasons.